Geography Lesson – Map of Venice

Venice, Italy

A map of Italy with a green arrow pointing to Venice

Venice Italy watercolor map

Venice Italy watercolor map

Venice, Italy was founded in the year 450 AD. Venice sits in the northeastern corner of Italy. It is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon.  There are around 60,000 people that live in the historic city of Venice. Venice is built over a lagoon, so most of the houses and buildings were built over tiny islands! There are over 100 tiny islands that hold all the houses, churches, and other buildings in Venice. Not all of the stone buildings could be built on the islands, so many of the buildings were built with foundations of timbers, or large wooden poles, that were driven down to the soil. The houses were then built on wood platforms. Each of the islands are connected by a canal. There are over 150 canals, many connected by bridges. There are over 400 bridges!

Quick Quiz:
Find the following on the map and label their positions:

  1. Piazza San Marco
  2. Venetian Lagoon
  3. Canal Di Fusina
  4. Canal Della Giudecca
  5. La Giudecca
  6. Grand Canal
  7. San Marco
  8. San Polo
  9. Island of San Michele
Black and white map of Venice.

Black and white map of Venice.

To download the black and white map and the watercolor map, click the button below.


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