Current List of Lessons

Student Progress

  • latitude map of Italy 
  • latitude map of Greece 
  • Latitude map of England 
  •  diagram the pantheon
  •  diagram the parthenon
  •  diagram the arch de triumph in paris
  •  diagram spetimus arch in rome
  •  diagram the 
  •  Read one chapter in the civil war journal
  •  Read one chapter in the Odessy (about the Cyclops)
  •  Read one chapter in John Muir’s journal 
Natural World
  •  diagramed the axis of the earth and the winter solstice
  •  diagramed the latitude of the earth
  •  calculated the circumference of the earth
  •  diagram the phases of the moon
  •  create a perfect circle using the compass
  •  create a triangle within a vesica pisecs
  •  create a cube with three triangles
Baking & Cooking
  •  Bake his own loaf from start to finish
  •  Make homemade pasta dough from scratch
  •  Make chicken stock from scratch
  •  Did reverse order
  •  did one section on detailed writing
  •  Major organs diagram
  •  Diagram the remaining large organs
  •  Diagram the major bones in the body
  •  Diagram the heart
  •  Diagram the ear
  •  Diagram the liver
  •  Diagram the stomach 
German Language
  •  15 vocab words with illustrations
  •  Diagramed the location of the north star
  •  Diagram how to find Arcturus 
  •  Diagram how to find Casseopia
  •  Diagram how to find the little bear
  •  Diagram how to find Orion
  •  Diagram how to find Sirius

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