Basic Botany – Parts of a Flower

Parts of a Flower

Parts of a flower

Today we’re learning about the basic parts of a flower. Let’s start with a very basic overview. A plant produces a flower to replicate itself. The flower is a way for a plant to reproduce. There are two basic parts to the flower, the male parts and the female parts. Every part of a flower used to be a leaf. Over the years, the plant changed certain leaf parts into different shapes and colors, like the petals that are large and colorful to attract bees and other insects. The whole process is designed to bring about fertilized seeds. The fertilized seeds become the new plants of tomorrow and the whole process repeats.

The Male Parts
Anther: the anther holds the pollen.

Filament: the filament holds up the anther.

Pollen: the pollen is the male genetic information. It is the sperm of the male part of the flower.

Stamen: a term to use to describe all the male parts of a flower.

The Female Parts

Ovary: this is where the eggs are held.

Ovule: an egg.

Stigma: the opening that allows the pollen to fall into the style.

Style: a tube that is long and lets the pollen fall down into the ovary.

Pistil: this is a term for all the female parts of a flower.

Other Parts of a Flower
Receptacle: the base of the flower where the flower’s organs are attached.

Sepal: the leaves that cover the petals when the flower is not in bloom.

Petal: leaves that have changed to be larger and more colorful to attract insects.

Peduncle: the stalk of the flower.

What are the parts for?

The system the plants have to replicate themselves are exactly the same system and process as in humans. The plant has an egg factory (ovary) where the eggs (ovules) are stored waiting for the pollen (semen) from the anther to fertilize it. Once the pollen and the ovule come together, a new seed is formed in the ovary. The receptacle  and ovary then enlarges and becomes the part of the fruit that we eat, which contains the seed. The seed falls to the ground, becomes a new plant, and the whole process starts over.

Every fruit that you eat is an old flower.


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