Dan and Alicia Vineyard with their children – Founders of Naturalist Academy

Our Values: We value understanding and interacting with the natural world. Acute observation is an essential skill that helps us grasp the nuances found in nature. Diagramming helps us to integrate the observations we make and store it into our long-term memory. And it’s fun!

Our Mission: Our mission is to create and share permanent educational lessons about the world for children and for anyone else interested in learning more about the world in which they live.

Our Story: Both Dan and Alicia have a history in art. Dan went to the Las Vegas Art Academy in high school, and Alicia went to the San Fransisco Art Academy in college. With a background in art education, we started our journey as homeschoolers looking for solid lessons on nature using colorful illustrations. We didn’t find much. Because we didn’t find the resources we wanted, we decided to make some simple lessons about the natural world using hand-drawn illustrations for our own kids. This site is a collection of those illustrations, and we hope others enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. Thank you for your visit, and we hope you will become members of the Naturalist Academy.

– The Vineyards